Cooking Tour

A feast of the senses…

The Moroccan cuisine is known all over the world: the fusion between the Berber tastes and the surrounding North African and Spanish regions give our dishes a particular flavor. Not to mention the aromas of the fabulous spices!

This tour will blend the most delectable Arabic, Berber, French and Spanish influences.  Start with an original couscous dish, the crisp flakiness of bastilla, taste the vast array of mouth-watering tagines and arrive at the sweet treats of nougats and pastries. Mouth-watering ocean fresh fish dishes found particularly in the Atlantic coastal towns of Essaouria and Agadir, our food is our life.

Enjoy the generosity and hospitality the Moroccan people are known for, while indulging in the taste sensations that you will never forget.

This tour can be included with any part of your stay in Morocco.

Tour includes:

  • Grocery shopping at the local souk to buy your fresh ingredients
  • Learn about the cooking tools in the Moroccan kitchen, most notably the traditional Tagine
  • A completely hands-on experience
  • Enjoy eating your culinary delights in true Moroccan style
  • Recipes, new skills & fabulous memories to take home and impress your dinner guests!